Thursday, March 8, 2012

flying solo

i generally travel alone. ok maybe not travel but fly alone. i enjoy it. i can put my earphones in and no one bothers me. it is fantastic.

lately, especially my last couple of trips, i have been wanting a travel/ flying buddy perhaps even a significant other. extreme i know. BUT it is true.

what has prompted this change of heart?

answer -the fee now required to check luggage.

i don't check luggage. 30 dollars? no thank you. so i carry on naturally. however, carrying 2 extensively packed bags can be very exhausting and cumbersome especially when i need to go to the restroom. nowadays you can't leave your bags without someone thinking you are a terrorist AND asking people to watch your luggage is also ill advised according to the ever playing announcement. So what do i have to do? carry both bags and try and cram them into the bathroom with me. super annoying.

another reason is the off chance i get a middle seat. which happened this past trip. somehow i over looked signing up for a window seat. and got stuck with seat 26B right between eye mask lady in 26A and the guy in 26C that liked to take my leg space. if i had a traveling buddy, i would not be worried about falling asleep on them or taking up their space.

the middle seat thing isn't a critical issue and can generally be avoided. though the bathroom thing is serious.

which is why i would like a travel buddy-- so i can go to the bathroom unencumbered.

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