Saturday, June 2, 2012

air asia

so we flew from hangzhou to chiang mai.

we got on our first airplane. from china to kuala lumpur. originally cori and i weren't sitting next to each other. but luckily there were tons of empty rows so instead of being squished 3 to a row cori and i moved and got our own. i took the window seat. and promptly took a nyquil.

i take nyquils on planes. only one of the 2 pack liquid gels so i sleep but am still able to wake up. people laugh at me but they work. try it.  I was out. i honestly don't remember much of that flight except when they brought the drink cart by. (it didn't matter because air asia is discount so you have to pay for the things you free beverage service) so i went back to sleep and woke up in kuala lumpur. and had to go through 'security' which consisted of waiting for the security girl to get off her phone and the other dude to turn on the luggage x-ray machine. then we put or stuff on the belt and walked through. we then proceeded to the coldest airport of all time. REALLY. i had to pull out my little travel sheet and cover up with it is was so cold. also this was like 5 am. so again kinda out of it.

then our plane was ready for boarding. but first we had to get there. turns out the place we were was just a huge waiting area. we weren't even at our terminal yet. it was like a 15 minute walk to out gate...outside. on the tarmac. once we made it to our 'gate' we had to walk the 5 minutes out to our actual plane. this plane was packed though. no room to move to spacious rows. i sat next to passive aggressive lady. which everyone knows is my favorite. she actually took the safety cards out and held one over her face to block the sun coming through the window. she could have asked me to close it. i suppose i could have been nice and just closed it anyway. oh well.

then we landed in chiang mai. sunny beautiful chiang mai.

we took a taxi to the hotel. which was super nice. OK not super nice but the people were super nice. we again took showers and then headed out to tiger kingdom. WHICH WAS AWESOME. basically. we played with tigers. ok. not really played....but petted. we went in the small tiger cages. they were like 8 months old. and then we also went in with the large tigers. they were like 20 months old. we were only allowed to approach them from behind. and you know. not die. the small ones the trainers would joke and say that they won't kill you just bite you. the large ones though. those ones can get ya. although they were mostly concerned with staying out of the sun. but who can blame them. after the tiger kingdom we went to the monkey school. which was less than impressive and slightly heartbreaking. the monkeys were chained and other in cages. there was a sign saying that monkeys were let go after 5 but who can really be certain.

after that we we rode in the back of our little truck back to the hotel. we were so hot and gross the pool looked amazing. and it was. after the pool we went to dinner and then headed home. cori didn't sleep as well as me and nyquil and even with actually sleeping i was still tired.

oh ps. thai food is fantastic. and pretty sure whatever weight i may have walked off in shanghai is now coming back. dang.

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  1. My favorite food is Thai food, but I've never actually eaten in Thailand. :/