Monday, June 25, 2012

Laughter Thoughts

After writing blog posts, I’d remember something silly or funny that happened that I didn’t include …..

In China and some in Thailand, Mcdonalds would have the actual restaurant and then generally in front, there would be a small McDonalds kiosk dedicated to the desserts of Mc-ie-des…soft serve included. Pretty convenient for those soft serve addicts that just want their fix of ice cream—they don’t have to deal with the crowd inside. In Shanghai there was one such set up; however, the dessert kiosk played music constantly. The same song. It was like a stationary ice cream truck. I think it played it is a small world. Heavens bless the employees. i would die.

One night we were walking back to our hotel from the metro. Generally there are people selling various items, one night a man was selling puppies. Cori and I were severally tempted and decided that we couldn’t get one through customs…like that was our biggest worry… customs… never mind the entire trip to Thailand or you know the month and a half I had in India…or all the logistics involved in having a puppy…those were not legitimate enough…..

China and Thailand love J. Beibs. It is kinda crazy. I never really heard any American music while in china except the beibs. Asia has beiber fever. Unfortunately.

Under the metro in Shanghai there is this mall type thing…except it is Asian. So it is full of neon colors mostly bright pink, tiny animals with big eyes, and all sort of cutesy things. We decided to take a look around, but it soon became a maze of all things Asian. Trying to get out was hard because the exit signs just pointed us to a neon arcade room. We were suck, never to escape the pink Asian world; finally we made it out and back up to street level. Pretty sure we had just visited another dimension that we’d prefer never to go back to…

At breakfast in Chiang Mai, our hotel played an awesome American soft rock cover cd. My personal favorite was the Bangles – Eternal Flame. What a way to start the day.

Lesson Learned- don’t lean against trees in the jungle…there are ants on them.

5 minutes into on our first train in Thailand, a train employee said – look. And then pointed to a train off the tracks out the window. ‘wreck. Happened yesterday…’ oh that is comforting thanks for showing us…

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