Friday, June 22, 2012

Let’s not say Goodbye

My older sister made me watch some ridiculous Barbara Streisand movie where her character always said ‘let’s not say goodbye but Au revoir”— saying goodbye was too final. Those are my feelings towards Thailand. Despite the craziness, despite the public transportation, despite totally getting ripped off (mostly in Bangkok), I can NOT wait to go back and explore more of Thailand.

In the name of getting the full cultural experience, my last day I got a Thai massage.  It was actually pretty fantastic. Though to be perfectly honest, I got it my last day because it took me the full two weeks to cowboy up enough. Thai massages are not the typical massage. Rather it is almost a massage plus physical therapy or intense stretching. You are pulled all sorts of ways and moved and realigned… after mine was finished not only did I feel relaxed but I also felt like I had just left a very light yoga class. I am slightly upset I was such a coward and did not get one earlier so I could have gotten a couple while in Thailand. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to go back….

After my massage, I packed up my things and got ready to catch the airport bus. My flight to Kolkata left early morning the next day from Bangkok so the train back wasn’t an option (LUCKILY) so I booked a flight back up to Bangkok and then booked a hotel right next to the airport with round trip transport to and from the airport. Oh my heavens. What a difference from the 7 levels of hell.

While I was waiting for the airport bus, the hotel manager brought me water, a banana, and half a pineapple. I love Thai people. So great. I ate my delicious fruit, got on the bus (which actually got there at the right time leaving me with a couple of hours at the airport, I took the earlier bus as a precaution), then boarded the flight. They gave us an actual smaller meal and then we landed 45 minutes later. I was picked up by the hotel and then taken the next morning for my flight to Kolkata...I was off to India.


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  1. Thailand misses you. It told me so. Hope the hot mess is treating you well this week :)